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Financial translations investors can understand!

My name is Tom Leary and I am an experienced professional translator specialised in financial reporting and investor relations. I have been working in the translation and localisation business since 1997 and as a full-time professional financial translator since 2002.

Over the years I have worked for a wide variety of clients, mainly in the financial and legal fields (I have a Masters in Law) and am proud to have translated / proofread circa 7.3 million words from French and Spanish.
That's over 17,000 hours of translation experience!

Whatever your financial translation requirements, just drop me a line at or by using the form below.

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Financial translation expertise

The bulk of my work is in the field of financial reporting and investor relations in general (I hold a Certificate in International Financial Reporting from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants - ACCA). I also recently completed a course in plain English. The idea behind the course was to make investor relations material more accessible for non-native English speakers.

Given my expertise, I am increasingly asked to lead large financial communications projects such as annual reports. This means that I work on the glossary, translate a portion and then proofread the remainder.

I help my clients in a number of ways. I can audit your existing translations, act as a freelance translator or I can combine my linguistic expertise with my strong project management skills and put together a team to translate your investor relations material. I have experience managing projects in a wide range of languages.

Financial translation made simple

My primary focus is on client satisfaction. I simply want you to keep coming back. The only way to achieve that is through an unerring focus on quality. Whilst many financial translators content themselves with a single translation pass followed (perhaps) by a QA pass, my process can be split into 5 discreet steps:

1) Preparation: Reading through the text to be translated. Checking for existing glossaries and reference material.
2) Translation: I translate the text, having reference to any glossaries and / or reference material.
3) On-screen proofreading: I proofread my financial translation, doing a line-by-line comparison against the source.
4) Paper proofreading: Research has shown that the human eye tends to miss details on-screen that are all too apparent on paper. Therefore, in order to ensure that my financial translations are of the highest quality I do a further line-by-line comparison on paper. No matter how thorough the on-screen proofreading one always finds a number of gremlins during this pass.
5) First-user read-through: This is an English-only read-through. The idea is to play the role of first user and get a sense for how the text reads, correcting minor linguistic issues or inconsistencies.


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